Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Las Vegas

Where else can you go and see so such incredible architecture? We love the visuals of LV as much as we enjoy the shows. The creative teams that design each hotel are to be applauded. Yes, they're fake, no, they're not to scale, but the details make up for any and all descrepancies. You are instantly transported each time you walk into a hotel to an imaginative place that often takes my breath away, or makes me want to leave fast, such was the MGM Grand. It's interior is just too dark, they love the color black, and I felt claustrophobic until I saw the lions. I had to get some photos before escaping into sunlight.

This magnificent King ignored his audience and posed regally. (I'll straighten out the photo when I use it in some artwork, thanks to PSE.) The lighting on him was only good from one spot and lots of us were fighting for that spot. I got three shots before being nudged out of the space. Two turned out great.

The third and last night of our Las Vegas weekend we got tickets to see "Love," Cirque du Soleil's tribute to the Beatles. What a feast for the eyes!
Everywhere you looked something was going on and once again we were blown away by the performers. But, I don't think we need to see this show again.

After the show at the Mirage we grabbed a taxi, just too far to walk back to the Bellagio where we seem to gravitate at least once a day even though we stayed at the Paris this time. It was 11pm and I wanted to get a couple more photos of the water show in the Bellagio lake. Well, the traffic was stalled due to the construction going on next to the Bellagio. We had paid under $8 to get from the Paris to the Mirage and $29 to get from the Mirage to the Bellagio. Same mileage but obviously a longer commute time. We arrived at the entrance to the Bellagio just in time for the next to the last show and I aimed the camera and got this amazing shot! The water had just shot up for the final chords of the song, I don't remember the song, and happily everything worked! The photo that I posted two posts ago was taken after this one when we moved to a better spot. The water show ends every night at midnight.

Quote: Fret little, laugh more, dance often, and you'll smile forever. Sally Huss


Kim said...

Wow thats some piccy of the fountains and the lights. Just lovely. Enjoy the trip!

queenopearls said...

Beautiful photos Gail! Awesome. I love the background information ~ it feels like a mental movie and mini vacation.
The fountain photo is fabulous, promotional brochure material.
I can't wait to see what you do with the photos you took.