Monday, January 27, 2014


Why is it that January seems to be the time of year when so many of  us decide to de-clutter? Perhaps one reason is that there are articles about organizing the clutter along with sales of storage containers? It doesn't matter where the urge comes from it seems to overtake my sanity; I question the purpose of every item in the house including art supplies. In fact, lately I've wondered why in blazes I have so many supplies in which to create art when I can't find a good reason to do anything. Ask a question and the answer often arrives, that is if I wait for it. A Paris Review interview with author Raymond Carver provided an epic reason for creating. FIERCE PLEASURE! And so it is . . .

The photo was taken last summer when the Plumeria bloomed. A Tropical plant in the desert? 
Sure amazed me when I started seeing them here. I've started about 8 from the 2 plants that 
Roger bought 6 years ago. 

Friday, January 03, 2014


 Spencer, aka, Mr. Handsome, greeted 2014 with his usual nonchalance; nothing to get excited about.  His stance on things unless it's something to do with food is to keep his cool. He's all about food and snuggling.We celebrated 14 years of his life in October. His sister graced us with 12, not nearly enough.

Winter here in the desert has been very mild, so far. Snow on the surrounding mountains hasn't  made much of an appearance this year. And while the nights and early mornings are cold the days in the 70's are sublime. Is there anything better than picking oranges from a tree right outside of the kitchen? This is the first year the tree has provided more than 2 so perhaps this year will be even better. One can only trust that abundance in all things will happen. 
      Orange segments added to the morning smoothie along with the twin Omega 3 seeds, as I call Hemp and Chia, a couple of frozen chunks of banana, some strawberries all blended with homemade walnut and sunflower milk and I'm set for hours. This morning it occurred to me that oranges in a smoothie might be even better with the addition of Vanilla. The result was an Orange-Julius type flavor. Yum.

I've been in limbo for way too long as I'm sure anyone who visits this blog has ascertained. I'm looking forward to getting mom settled into a 24-hour care place even though it breaks my  heart that I won't see her daily. The visit to the nursing home yesterday left me very bereft and numb. Watching  her struggle to walk or make sense of food is painful enough but even more unbearable is no longer hearing her voice. She's become completely non-verbal. Not a huge surprise as she was only able to give short and often erroneous replies, but when it hit Stacy yesterday that her grandmother doesn't respond at all watching Stacy deal with that through her sobbing . . . 
    There are Alzheimer's Gifts though. Stacy decided to hold her grandmother's hand and when mom patted Stacy's hand the communication was heartfelt. Silence can be a good thing. Don't we find ourselves in the silence? I spent most of last year distracting myself from Life. I've chosen a word for this year and once I create and artwork for the word I'll post it. In the meantime, if you've chosen a word, please share by leaving a comment.

When I photographed this sunset at the Salton Sea I started musing about paths.
 Which path will I take this year?