Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

My Wish for everyone is that 
the struggles that were experienced
in 2014 will be the fertilizer to
fuel Wonderfulicious dreams in 2015.

Woke up to a rare sight, snow! The mountains behind
the house aren't high enough to normally be
dusted with snow. Not much rain
hit the desert floor during the storm
last night and definitely no

A bit windy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

End of the Year

And the skies lit up!

Love of trees and iPhone apps.
A tree outside of a Palm Desert pizza place caught my eye.

In this area birds on wires are becoming a rare sight.
 I do appreciate the tidiness of under-ground wires so
I have no idea why I'm enthralled with the
sight of birds hanging out. Nostalgia? 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas - The Living Desert

Ever since moving the desert 8 years ago I've thought about purchasing a membership to The Living Desert in Palm Desert, but by the time the temps rise in May I change my mind. Late Spring to late Fall are just too hot to be outdoors much less enjoy the Living Desert grounds. This year I heard about a yearly discount provided by a local furniture store and the car seemed to turn into the parking lot of its own accord. So far we'e been twice and plan on visiting at least once a month until it's too hot. Happily, we got membership just before the Wild Lights show was open to members for free and were able to attend that night. 

These photos are from the night show. 

Tunnel of lights.

The first day we visited The Living Desert the only phone I had
was the iPhone. Next time I'll be prepared with better walking shoes, water,
and a camera. I like the
effect I got zooming in on the back-lit 
perfectly framed giraffe. 

The guy below posed while waiting for his dinner. His gaze was intent on the gate
where the food would be coming from. A volunteer called out to him
and he turned a little. We were told Norman is a very gentle Ankole. I'll take
their word for it.

Giraffe watering hole.

Nice surprise to get so close to these two.

Dancing cranes.

Backyard dove. Sometimes all that is needed
it to look outside to see a little wild life.