Saturday, November 01, 2014

11/1 Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter

111 is said to be a magical number for making a wish. Birthday wishes to my oldest daughter who is 47 today. At 8 months of age we were told she wouldn't see her first birthday. She's beat the odds many times. Kidney failure being right up there with a high fever that left her brain damaged. Last month marked the 6th year since the kidney transplant and two years since the last round of chemo I had. For some reason I decided to have an October health breakdown and ended up in the hospital for a night with intense vertigo. The world wouldn't stop rotating upside down. I can finally say that the health crisis is over. Done!

Fall in the desert isn't exactly spectacular: leaves don't turn colors but a 
little color has shown up.

 The sunsets have been glorious!
Sometimes the sky looks like it's on fire.

A finch on the water fountain looks decked out in Fall colors.
And the occasional dry grape leaf is wind-tossed into a tree.

White doves may be the symbol for  love and peace
but the gentleness and serenity that this daily visitor provides
never fails to delight.

Playing with some of the sun-prints that I created
over the summer.