Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Abstract

Flowing into a new year! Last year at this time I wasn't so sure I'd be here for another birthday. I had the 3rd round of 4 chemo treatments. Life is good on this birthday!

This 14x18 acrylic painting has two layers of under-paintings. The first painting was flowers by someone who donated the piece to a thrift store. I love using recycled canvases. The second under-painting was sort of a graffiti attempt with my name, the month and my age on it. While painting over that this one evolved.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

August Abstract

 Yep, I know it's September, but I never got around to posting the two paintings I did last month. Life is often full of distractions of the unwanted variety. Mom is probably in the last throes of Alzheimer's and it's becoming more evident that it's time to look for a nursing home or? I'm not able to give her the care she now needs and it's breaking my heart. 

Anyway, the above acrylic painting is 11x14 on canvas board.

Woke up to a cloudless sky today, but no complaints as the humidity that had settled in for a lengthy visit has moved on. Over the last few weeks there were some interesting tropical storms that provided great fodder as conversation starters, albeit, boring at times but nevertheless current. This photo was a little manipulated in order to get some green shrubbery into it. Otherwise I think the photo would have been bland.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 a Day of Reflection

 It's good to get a different perspective of where one lives. Even if the photo is a bit tilted! This was a grab shot out of the car window taken from a viewpoint I rarely see of La Quinta. Usually, I'm going from one errand to another without really "seeing." But on this day I took the camera with us solely intent on getting a few photos of the mountains and glorious clouds. Is there anything more stupendous than clouds? Okay, probably sunsets, but when clouds cross the sky I'm uplifted for some strange reason. Maybe it's the shapes or textures, or perhaps it's white against blue that moves me, all I know is that I smile more. I was able to get one photograph from this vantage point and then the unforeseen happened. The disk was full! If I had been able to take more photos I'm positive that I would have gotten a shot that wasn't tilted, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Desert mountains.