Saturday, August 29, 2015

Full Moon

The Powerful draw of the night-blooming Cereus
has overridden my fear of West Nile
carrying Mosquitoes, or or that matter any mosquito. Allergic.
After photographing the Cereus the
moon grabbed my attention.

The flowers this year chose to bloom at the same
time there is a full moon. 

Last August I took  photo of the full moon with my
new camera, so perhaps photographing 
the moon is  an Anniversary of sorts.

I've been known to curse the full moon rather than
 enjoy its 

I love the way the moon peaks through the trees.

Like many others I'm sensitive to how the full
moon's gravitational pull does more than effect
the oceans. I used to think like many
that its pure lunacy that the moon has any
effect on us.

But after years of moderate insomnia becoming 
a major issue for at least 6 days around the full moon,
I'm a believer that the moon might be the culprit for
fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and emotional highs and lows. 

Resistance is Useless!
Through acceptance of the situation
there is peace.

The long sleepless nights are
spent reading, watching movies, or
editing photos. This week I overcame my
fear of Mosquitoes long enough to
photograph both the Cereus
and the full moon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Photographing what presents itself in the yard continues . . . .
Night-blooming Cereus photographed at midnight.
Definitely Queen of The Night!

For the next 7 blooms 
 I need to find the tripod!
The image below was taken with the iPhone. 

And of course I have to blend
and manipulate  . . .

Backyard residents. 

I have been known to venture outside
of the backyard. 1997, Arles, France.

Wonderfulicious Wednesday Part Deux

The above image is what the Cereus looks
like before nightfall. 

At midnight the only lights
  were from the patio and a
 few landscape

Two flowers bloomed this time.

Love painting effects . . .below.

I'm in awe that the Cereus are in their glory at night
and just bloom for the pure joy of it. 

Couldn't resist taking a few images of 
some Barrel cactus. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I
appreciate the time you took to be here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

First, photos of backyard birds
blended with textured layers
of rust fabric and for the
one below, a tree.

And then  . . .  finally, some studio play!
Sun prints on cotton/poly sheets. I had
read that cotton/poly sheets wouldn't work well.

Leaves from my yard. 
And of course, something from

More Studio play.
Rust dyeing. Above, a wrapped can.
Below, wrapped around a piece
of metal.

In need of ironing, below, 
wadded fabric on metal 
with coffee. Used a cotton/poly
sheet again. I'd say using an old
sheet works well . . . 

Happy Wonderfulicious (nuggets of joy) day to you!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Wonderfulicious (wordless) Wednesday

Wordless is often better than writing about what 
is going on , , , ,

Cactus blooms that only last  few hours in the brutal 
desert heat. (almost wordless  . . .)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - nuggets of joy

This is the first time the Anthurium plant produced large flowers.
The plant is probably 6-7 years old and normally the pollen laden 
flowers are tiny. Right now I'm suffering from allergies to 
everything in the air! But before I snipped off the gorgeous flowers
I photographed them.
The flowers always remind me of of Elephants . . . .

Layered/blended photo of a window in Amalfi, Italy, 
I was pretty sure this was taken in Orvieto. So much
for memory! But then after all, it
was six years ago.

1974. We were living in Newhall, CA at the time and the summer temps
were hot. I can't imagine being cold enough in San Juan Bautista to have
needed heavy jackets and hats! We eventually lived about 45 minutes from
the San Juan Bautista mission and rarely needed more than a light weight 
jacket when we visited the area. 
This is image is from scanned negatives that are in bad shape.
Much improved with a watercolor effect.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

 This tiny treasure of a hummer continues to visit the same 
grape vine branch. And I continue to capture
its many poses. 

Of course I have to use filters and textured layers!

Wonderfulicious Wednesday is a time to go back 
into the archives of old photos and try new
things with them.

The Vatican, 2009, Rome.
Textured layers.

Portofino, Italy, 2009.
 Dock at sunset.
Textured Layers.

Roaring Camp, 1974, Felton, CA.
Textured Layers.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hummingbird Delight

Occasionally, a hummer spends a lot of time perched on a 
grape vine branch. The grapes haven't been successful for
the last few years so I'm tempted to remove the vines. But
then I'm treated to something so delightful that  . . . maybe 
the vines can stay. 

I think I captured a few unique shots, at least
 they are to me. 

The hummer doesn't face me too often, guess 
 the view of the yard is preferable to
the bedroom window. 

The shot below is mostly what I got, backside!

And then the hummer changed spots for about a minute.
Love this shot! Actually, I love them all!