Friday, August 22, 2014

Through the Viewfinder -

 I often challenge myself to "see" my surroundings in a new ways. So, I
 pick up the camera and capture "sightings" through the viewfinder. This week
a few Agave fronds captured my attention.
Recently I moved the Agave to its current location next to the decaying painted pot.
But it wasn't until the morning light hit both of them that I realized how perfect they
are together. (Note to self, move things around.)

 The daily hummingbird visitors are usually not as still as this one was. The branch is on
a grape vine just outside of my bedroom window.
 I was on the phone with my daughter having one of our
marathon chatting sessions when I picked up the camera and zoomed in. 
Out of 4 images I was able to get this one is my favorite. 

In my garden this cactus bloom is nearly as photographed as the the 
white Sea Urchin blooms are. I usually go outside to photograph the blooms but
on Tuesday the sky was so thick with dust that the nearby mountains were invisible. 
Who knew that shooting the image from inside would create a better
 background than usual? 
(note to self, keep looking for different perspectives)

 Earlier today my thoughts were chaotic, as they often do, when
the light on the palm fronds caught my attention. This time of year for a short time
when the sun comes through the dining room window the light on the fronds is
stupendous. During the few minutes it took to aim the camera and shoot
a few images my thoughts shifted and became calmer.
I've come to realize lately that my
form of meditation is photography; it gets me outside of
my head. When I'm engaged in capturing what I see through the viewfinder I'm in a much
better place. 
 I don't think it can be said enough, Art Heals!

The lighting on the palm fronds danced even
more in the above version. Love apps!

And speaking of light, I happened to look out front a few
minutes ago and noticed that a tree, whose name I can't remember, 
was perfectly lit. Images are everywhere.

Love the quote from this article. "The day you stop worrying about what you can buy, (photography
equipment)  and instead turn your attention to where you can go and what you can
 experience will be one of the happier days of your life."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Salton Sea Pelicans

 Near the Salton Sea.

 This trio seemed to be posing. 
They're such
 a humorous looking bird.

 Very contented.

Loving the new camera! 

 Checking me out?

Photographing from the road, above the beach, the angle of the camera and the
pelican taking flight resulted in this bizarre effect.  He almost looks flat against the sea.

For some facts about the Salton Sea
read a Blog post here. Written by Randy Brown
the post lists what he was ignorant about 
regarding the Salton Sea. 

Salton Sea - Egrets/Herons

On Thursday the blue of the Salton Sea was surreal and the perfect backdrop for
photographing egrets. I wasn't the only one who thought this small section
of beach was an amazing spot to photograph. I stayed up on the road while
a photographer with a huge camera and lens ventured down to the shoreline
to get closer to the birds. I would imagine that he ended up with some
sky in the photos. Shooting the photos from above eliminated the boring light
blue sky. 

 If it wasn't for a gazillion pesky flies I think I could have continued photographing
much longer. As it was at least 20 flies followed me into the car when I opened
the door. Buzzing flies made for an "interesting" drive home. 

For most of my life I've lived near the Pacific Ocean so you an imagine
my disappointment 8 years ago when I moved to the desert and first saw
the dying Salton Sea. Waves? Clean walking beaches? 
Non-existent. The stench of dead fish was
overpowering and the area that once dreamed of
becoming a tourist destination was more
dilapidated and barren than I was prepared for. 

It's only been in the last few months that I've become intrigued about the Salton Sea.
Last December was the first time in years I even thought about visiting it. My brother
was visiting and we needed a distraction from looking at Board and Care places for
mom. Sunset at the Salton Sea seemed to beckon to us.

• Egrets are commonly pure white in color, but herons exhibit various colors.
• Egrets have significantly black legs and yellow beak, which is not very common among herons.
• Herons prefer to perch on a higher place during resting, while egrets stand on the shallow water more often than not.

I barely got this shot just as I turned to get into the car, in fact I didn't think that 
I'd gotten it. I love how the Egret is walking with such purpose. Just
taking a stroll along the beach; almost human.

While I think this guy is nuts I will be following
along, via FB, on his trek next June around the Salton Sea.
116 miles in 6 days in temps that could
reach 120. Yep, he's nuts!
But it's for a good cause.
Follow along on FB.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Moon - New Camera

 The gift of a full moon! Sometimes it does take a  new "tool"
to "see differently." The faithful Powershot SX10 gave me years of seeing the
world through its lens and now its child has taken up the reigns. Canon Powershot SX50. 
I've considered a DSLR but know that the weight of a larger camera is too
much camera for spontaneity. At least for me it is. Knowing
how I work is important when buying a new camera.

 A little PSE enhanced. I haven't been able to photograph
the moon since moving from medium format 
 to digital cameras over a decade ago. Doing a Happy Dance!

 First moon shot with new camera. 

Palm tree detail. 

R.I.P. Robin Williams
I don't think I've ever felt as sad about any celebrity 
passing as I feel about Robin.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

August Happenings

 Feather fabric sun print. Painted fabric. Machine Stitched. 
Painted canvas board.

 Jumble of leaves on work table.
Some of the leaves have been scanned or photographed
 for digital or fabric work.

 During the rainstorm last Sunday an outdoor circuit died after an extension
cord tripped the reset button. Mind you
this is the circuit that the fountain, drip system, and outdoor lights are plugged into.
There are now 3 extension cords running across the yard to the fountain; sitting water
is a magnet for mosquitoes carrying West Nile.
I miss the outdoor lights at night but not nearly as much as I'm missing the automatic
drip system! Triple digit temps and hand-watering . . . well, I could either whine about
it until an electrician can come to replace the circuit or turn the unpleasant time into photography
sessions. I always say that there are photographs everywhere and to prove it I shot
the above one this morning. iPhoneography at its best. 

Digital piece. Trio of leaves. Acrylic painting. 

I still can't figure out where July went! Anyone 
have a clue?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

 Sun print. Stitched. Attached to
painted stretched painted canvas.

 Grape Leaf. Decayed by Nature.

 Trio of leaves from Brachychiton Populneus AKA. Bottle tree.
 Waterlogue app.     

Twig. Waterlogue app.

Wishing everyone a Wonderfulicious Wednesday.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Fascination - Leaves and Roots

A terrific lazy Sunday afternoon combo.
 A dried Grape Vine leaf and a new app.

 Same dried Grape Vine Leaf as above with a different SketchGuru filter.

 My fascination of roots and pods continues. 

Also continuing is my fascination of weeds. 

A little studio time this week. Acrylic on canvas.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

 Two of my favorite visitors to the garden. The hummingbird is perched on a branch of
the grape-less vine. No grapes this year.

The Yellow Oriole prefers
the Hummingbird feeder. In this shot
he's waiting his turn.

 Two feather sun prints.Umber and black paint on the print above.
Turquoise and brass paint on the one below.

 Five years ago in Positano. Straight shot above.
Love the reflection. 
Waterlogue app below.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Garden Fotos

A Sleepless night led to being greeted in the garden with this bloom! Can't complain about 
the lack of sleep when I was
gifted the opportunity to photograph the flower. I missed the first
two blooms last week when the heat wilted them before 9am. 

By 10am the flower had closed up and now at 11am the sun is burning the tips. 
This is the first morning in months that the morning was cool enough 
to spend some quality time in the garden. 

 Our furkid, Spencer, joined me on the patio much to the dismay of the hordes of birds that
daily visit the feeder. The finches return if we sit still enough.


 One dove attempted to be brave enough to scrounge the ground for seed, 
but after a couple of minutes flew off.

Safe on the neighbors roof this dove kept looking me in the eye, or giving me the eye. 

Wishing everyone a Super Sunday.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fotos

 For someone who can't draw or paint . . . apps are absolutely beyond fabulous! 
I keep finding new ones to play with. My latest find is Waterlogue. If I worked in
watercolors the image below is what I would aim for. Though, the photo
above isn't too bad on its own. 

 These seed pods are from cactus that is growing near the Mail Room and 
in border around the gated community I live in. Doesn't "gated" sound grand? Or ostentatious?
 In the area I live in most of the communities are gated. 

Last week the sky was full of glorious clouds and for once I remembered to take
the camera/iPhone with me when I drove up to the Mail Room.
(I rarely use the iPhone as a phone) Coming out of the Mail Room this view 
caught my eye. But, houses and a portion of the parking lot . ..  well, didn't do
much for me. 
A little cropping, a little removing houses + the Waterlogue app
 and suddenly I was Italy? Well, a person can dream.

In the last post are some photos of Positano that until I discovered
the Waterlogue app I thought were the effect I was hoping for.
Both of the photos below are definitely more of how I "feel" about
the hotel balcony in Positano. You never know when something 
better will come along. I had hoped an app or technique would
show up with just the right effect, and it did. If only
everything in life was as easy.