Monday, June 12, 2017

Eleven Months Later!

I wonder if I should just call it quits on this blog, or start posting again? It seems like too much work to keep this blog going  . . . when there aren't many readers. This was a place to post my photos and some of my other work, but for the last year Instagram has taken priority. Much easier to post one photo immediately on IG than to create a post here. But lately, IG has started to feel  . . . can't find the word, but not satisfying comes to mind. Perhaps my mindset has changed again? I'm a moderator on two Hubs/Galleries and started my own hub, #gobeyondthe_capture where I feature photographers work. About a gazillion years I used to curate photo exhibits so I love presenting exciting edited photos to the over 500 followers of the hub!
My two IG accounts are #gailpe and #dezert365

I've taken numerous photo classes in the last year and find that editing on the iPad is like a meditation. I've never been good at meditating but when I edit photos the focus is off of the myriad of issues that would love to take over my life.

Red Oleander photographed against a white background. Then a background was created with iPad apps, mostly Stackables and Mextures. 

A different capture of the red Oleander. Taken with the Hipstamatic app. Jane lens, Ina's 1982 film and Triple Crown flash and the edited in Mextures. 

A macro of a tiny bloom on a Society Garlic plant. Edited in Mextures
and Stackables. 

Very angry Oriole! Her mate was hogging the Hummingbird feeder. For the last few years a pair of orioles visits nearly every day from around May to Oct. They enjoy the feeder as much as the Hummers do, but there is only room for one Oriole at at time. 
Edited with Mextures, Stackables and Distressed FX.

For those who  have followed my blog since the beginning, this month marks the 5 year anniversary of the Breast Cancer episode! A very emotional month for me as it turns out. 
Please leave a comment if you think I should start to post here again. Hugs! 


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Looks like I'm your lone fan not too busy to write. Your photo came up on my reading list and I dashed over to see these beauties. Your angry Oriole is amazing...I know the feeling!
Tough month for memories and I'm so glad you are on the other side at 5 years. I'm 17 years past all the hard memories of breast cancer...they say we are never really free but time has a way of letting spirits trust in beauty over fear.
I am keeping my blog for the rare visitor. I remember such fun in those first few years of making friends, posting and even participating in virtual events. Loved the play!

Gail Pierce said...

Not only does it look like you're the only one leaving a comment. :)) But about the only one who has even looked at the blog. hmmm.
I know that I met lots of people through blogging and perhaps that will happen again if I start blogging? I doubt I'll delete it . . .
Quite a few people on Instagram have recently lost their accounts which means their posts with all of their photos are gone! Sad! For the most part those who have lost their accounts are so heart broken that I thought maybe it was time to star posting here again in case my IG account is one those that is closed down for unknown reasons.
I thank you for taking the time to comment!

Caterina Giglio said...

Well I was amazed to see you pop up on the side bar, and so happy! your photos are all so gorgeous and that angry oriole is incredible! I would be sorry to see you leave the blogosphere, but I understand, sometimes it feels like no one is out there, I understand, so do what you must, but know I will follow you anywhere!! xoxo