Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

The Agave bloom stalk continues
to enthrall me.

Buds have started to develop.

When the Agave sprouted the bloom
stalk right outside of the bedroom window
I felt blessed to have a front row

The base of the stalk.

Fun bloom stalk facts are here:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - Happy Thanksgiving

Wonderfulicious Wednesday end of 
November nuggets.

Gotta love cloud shapes!

On my desk.

For the love of blooming Cereus.

Agave blooming Stalk.
This is the first time a blooming stalk of
this stature has bloomed in the yard.
The variegated Agave is in a pot
that often falls over from the
sheer weight of the Agave. 
I hope that it's weighted 
down well enough
while the stalk

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - Memories of Paris

It's been awhile since I posted a Wonderfulicious Wednesday . . . Health has been
precarious, nuff said.

Like many Paris has been on my mind lately. The first time I saw Paris it was instant
love! How can it not be? Even though it's been 15 years since I was last there the 
memories haven't faded. In 1997 after a delayed flight that involved my luggage missing
the flight from NY, I met Paris and discovered that the Eiffel Tower is truly a treasure!

The Seine at dusk.

First sight of Notre Dame.

Place de Vosges where Pierce Brosnan was first
sighted. I was working on altering an SX70 Polaroid when
I looked and met his eyes. He nodded and walked on . .. 

I admit that I  had to have a photo of
Pierce Brosnan; he was gracious.

An altered SX70 Polaroid of Notre Dame

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Macro photos of 
a Hibiscus.

Last Thursday we took a 50 minute trip to Palm Springs.

It's been a long time since we did
anything other than run errands. The 
Art Date was much needed!

Reflections in the Palm Springs
Convention Center captured
my attention before we even
entered the building,

We arrived in time to sit in
on a Hand-stitching talk by
Laura Wasilowski. 
Her approach to her work and
life in general was the inspiration
I needed.  She is absolutely delightful!

A few of the quilts that
spoke to me. I forgot to jot
down most of the names of 
the artists.

 Bush Fire, by 
Christine Seager, UK 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Not clear about why I didn't post last week . . . well, maybe I am
but who needs to hear about more health issues?
Anyway, the Red Super Moon/eclipse was amazing!

Most likely I'll be too old to care the next time there is an eclipse.
Though, I plan on photographing right up to the end!

The camera caught things I couldn't see! 
Love that about cameras!

West Nile alerts here in the CA desert aren't something
I ignore! Especially being that I'm allergic to plain mosquito
bites, but ones carrying West Nile . ..  I sprayed the yard, twice, 
and myself, said a prayer of protection and stood out in the
backyard with the camera and enjoyed the event! 

The moon and landscape lights made for an 
interesting image of the yard. 

More Macro images. 
A seed pod that had dropped
off of a dried stalk decided to

Love it that I continue to find so
many things in the yard
to photograph.

Every year a clump of ornamental grasses
pops up through the dry hot earth 
an suddenly the tiniest of delicate
white flowers appear!

The flowers are as magical fairy-like 
as the effect of floating stamens are!

Stem of a Sea Urchin.

More gifts from the garden.
My love of Sea Urchin Cactus
is never-ending. One bloomed
in the garden on the same day that
the gardeners were
scheduled to do their maintenance.

This particular bloom of the  Echinopsis family only
lasts a few hours. I usually leave the bloom on the
plant to allow it to go through its natural
cycle. This time I saved it from the miserable leaf 
blower and heat and brought it inside. 
And then of course had to play with the
macro lens.

Sea Urchin end of cycle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Oh my! I decided to treat myself
to a macro lens for the iPhone. 
I do love close ups! 
Decades ago when I
had a Hassleblad camera 
and did darkroom work it was
all about landscapes!

I don't know if it's that I'm older or what, but
now I prefer close-ups and a more intimate 
view of the world. Landscapes rarely interest
me anymore.
The macro lens caught what I
didn't even see on the Begonia, 
a few brown spots. 

I do love the combination of sharpness against blurred

Shells on the worktable waiting to be photographed
became perfect candidates for the first few photos
with the new lens. 
There is a bit of a learning curve with 
the new lens, mostly because
my vision is wonky. 

Happy Autumn! I'm looking
forward to cooler temps and 
time outdoors again. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - some nuggets for this week.

Saw this Begonia as I walked into Trader Joe's yesterday.
I haven't had a plant call out to me in
awhile; seemed apropos on
my birthday week.

Finally, a little rain yesterday. While
 some areas got enough rain to flood, the
rain here was a mere surface wetting.

I discovered the leaf, above, dried in a book.
I don't know where the leaf came from or
why I stuck it in a book but when it showed
up in my life it felt like a gift from the past.
I had to photograph it. 

This morning the yard was full of 
gifts from yesterday's wind. 
The beautiful bunch of leaves, above, is from
the Calliandra vine. And below . . .
a mystery leaf.

The cluster of leaves, above, is from 
the Tipu tree that has
quadrupled in height this
year, much to the dismay
of the gardener who recently
told me he wishes he'd pruned
more off it last year.
The growth of this tree in
8.5 years is nothing short
of phenomenal,