Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Reminder to self, Breathe! You're where you need to be, at all times! Nothing is more important than what you're doing right now at this moment. Breathe . . . .
(I finally was able to photograph a visitor to the fountain!)
A few more cactus blooms have provided moments of absolute joy! They're magnificent and even more so after surviving the Tropical Storm Ivo. Here in the desert I've never seen the rain pound with such ferociousness as it did on Sunday. There are distinct shoreline markings on the gravel in the backyard from when the water slowly receded. The parched ground refuses to absorb water so the yard became an instant pond and streets became rivers. As if the rain wasn't enough lightning and thunder added to the drama. And the humidity is over-the-top, especially when the temps remain in the 90-100+ range. Simply step outside for a sauna.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I found a black iron tiny teapot in mom's things and have been photographing it in various settings; I have in mind to give the teapot to someone special. So, before it's mailed off to its new home I've taken about a dozen photos of it. This one was against a white wall which allowed me to layer it in the Photo Tangler app. The layer I used is from a photo I took in Orvieto, Italy. Any suggestions of where and how to photograph the teapot?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Allow your life to Happen

 It seems to me that I just photographed these magnificent cactus blooms, but as it turns out it was last August. They bloom once a year. This photo was photographed early in the morning against a hedge that to my amazement turned black in the finished image. Gotta love the magic of photography.
 Even when the blooms decay they're spectacular.
Layers done on the iPad with an app that I've been playing with. Photo Tangler.
Allow your life to Happen was the thought I woke up with a few days ago. Resisting and complaining is much easier, or is it? Allowing might just be a better choice. Any thoughts?

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Pompeii painting and more

 This close-up of the painting in the last post still isn't an accurate depiction
 either, but this photo shows more of the textures. (thanks Julie for your comment!)
 The temps here in the desert are not conducive to working in the garage studio so I've set up a workspace on the bathroom counter. The really nice thing about the counter is there is a second sink to the right just out of frame. I can leave the mess painting for awhile without it being in my way.
I adore paint when it blends into each other. I have no idea where this painting is going to go. If I were to say that I have a process, it's just to start!

Thursday, August 01, 2013


 Where did July go? I'm clueless.
 The above image is a manipulated photo done on the iPad.
I've failed numerous times to get a good photo of this painting. It's 30x35 inches and the largest canvas I've ever worked. For about 2 months it was propped up on the worktable in the garage and was blank except for surface texture. I'd stand in front of it and, nothing! I couldn't seem to apply paint to its surface and then suddenly on a balmy day in May it wanted to come to life. The title is Pompeii, Italy and grew out of a feeling I had while wandering around the ruins 4 summers ago. The buildings are roofless thus the division on this painting. I lost count on how many layers I did that day but it's at least 6. I hope to one day to get a great photograph is this painting. 

Happy August everyone!