Sunday, August 18, 2013

Allow your life to Happen

 It seems to me that I just photographed these magnificent cactus blooms, but as it turns out it was last August. They bloom once a year. This photo was photographed early in the morning against a hedge that to my amazement turned black in the finished image. Gotta love the magic of photography.
 Even when the blooms decay they're spectacular.
Layers done on the iPad with an app that I've been playing with. Photo Tangler.
Allow your life to Happen was the thought I woke up with a few days ago. Resisting and complaining is much easier, or is it? Allowing might just be a better choice. Any thoughts?


Penny said...

So clever wish I knew more about manipulating photos.

Julie said...

I shall have to have a look at that App. I don't use my iPad nearly enough.

'Resisting and Complaining''ve given me food for thought about how I have tackled life. I havn't just given in, now I think of it, but some things have happened and I've got through them. At other times I've found one event has been overtaken by another and I havn't been required to act. I'm not saying it's ever been easy and there've been some prices to pay but,I have always tried to keep going.

PAMO said...

Beautiful images Gail! You truly are brilliant with photography in all its constellations.
I resist and complain too much. I think it's a way to try and control events around me. Usually a colossal waste of time!