Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wonderfulicious Wednesday!

It appears that it's been one year since the last
Wonderfulicious Wednesday post! 

 Sunflower Series! 
Experimenting with Hipstamatic
and my new iPad Pro! 
Sergio Film, Cheshire Film

The Hipstamatic capture was featured on an Instagram Hub,
Sergio Lens, Sergio Film and then
edited in Distressed FX

Hipstamatic, Sergio Lens, Cheshire Film
Love the frame that is created with 
this formula. though, I often crop
it off. 

Hipstamatic Sergio Lens, Cheshire Film

Hipstamatic Salvador84 lens
C-type plate film
Salvador creates multiple exposures.

Camera + app
Edited in Distressed FX

Featured @BPA_Arts on Instagram.
Hipstamatic  Sergio Lens, Blackeys 44 Film