Sunday, August 07, 2011

Digital Play

 Dreaming of Rome, 2009.

Everything is fine on the home-front, though, I seem to have lost any enthusiasm for creating anything. I do enjoy playing around with photos and found a ton of them today when I did a back-up of files onto an external drive. The photos were safely stored on an external drive where they've resided for  over a year when a new PC was purchased. Moving them to the PC brought back a flood of memories. I've been playing with double images, something I did eons ago with film; much easier in PS.

 Almalfi, Italy, window with a tree photographed in Old Town, La Quinta, my home town here in the steaming hot desert. And below, a different version of the tree.
Maybe the lack of enthusiasm stems from - what in blazes does one do with all of the paintings, fabric, mixed media that one can crank out? The walls in the house aren't in need of anymore art and no one is begging for . . . well, you get the picture. So, to fill the need to create I've been trying vegan recipes, low fat, gluten free, comfort foods, a Mediterranean diet, dehydrating veggies, making a Cashew Spread (cheese) and in the midst of all of the food craziness I've realized that it's just a way to fill the days with something akin to a purpose. Surely, I'll tire of days spent searching online for recipes and diets . . . 

Quote: He paints like a man going over the top of a hill, singing. Robert Henri