Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Where has May gone!? 
Last thing I remember it was March and mom had passed . . .
And now June is upon us! Gads! 

Perhaps the time has flown due to a timely class that I'm deeply immersed in
 Susan Tuttle has a new online class, Mobile Art Mastery
that appeared just when I needed something to lift me
out of a dark place. 

Both of the above images are based on Lesson 1. Dad built about
60 birdhouses a few years before he passed in March, 2000, the year mom
started disappearing into Alzheimer's. 
For years I've wanted to use photos of the birdhouses in my work. The lesson
called for using a house or building and extracting it from a background
and blending it into a landscape. 
The first piece is of the Salton Sea; the house, sunset, tree, and
birds were added.

The landscape in the second piece was created using
two images. The line of trees needed a foreground  . . .
The sun, foreground tree, and textures were added.

Lesson 2 images. Enter iColorama!
Oh my! This is only one of the 
myriad of effects that the 
app is excellent at doing.

A leaf of chard above and 
succulents below.

Complete departure for me! Multiple apps were used
to create this image of a statue photographed in
Rome, 2009. 

Another lesson using multiple apps.
Orvieto, Italy, 2009.

For years I've wanted to learn how to combine images
and now the mystery has been solved. Yay!

Two more images based on the 
same lesson. 

Haunted Cemetery Lesson, or in
my case, Haunted Pompeii. 
Multiple apps used along with images
from my collection including two vintage ones. 
The image of Pompeii is one I consider to be
an outtake and one reason I rarely delete photos; you
never know when one might be the perfect photo.

Using what I've learned in some of
the lessons I created the photo below. 
Evening Sky.