Thursday, August 01, 2013


 Where did July go? I'm clueless.
 The above image is a manipulated photo done on the iPad.
I've failed numerous times to get a good photo of this painting. It's 30x35 inches and the largest canvas I've ever worked. For about 2 months it was propped up on the worktable in the garage and was blank except for surface texture. I'd stand in front of it and, nothing! I couldn't seem to apply paint to its surface and then suddenly on a balmy day in May it wanted to come to life. The title is Pompeii, Italy and grew out of a feeling I had while wandering around the ruins 4 summers ago. The buildings are roofless thus the division on this painting. I lost count on how many layers I did that day but it's at least 6. I hope to one day to get a great photograph is this painting. 

Happy August everyone!


Julie said...

August! I know! How did that happen?! lol That's one big painting and it obviously had to incubate for a while. I'd love to see the textures on it but you can feel the atmosphere.

ART*ticulation said...

I love the birds, the colors, just a really nice layout.

PAMO said...

Oh- it's a stunning painting! I'm use to seeing you work smaller so what a delight to see your hand at one so large.

Your altered photograph is also gorgeous.

You are an artist through and through!