Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - some nuggets for this week.

Saw this Begonia as I walked into Trader Joe's yesterday.
I haven't had a plant call out to me in
awhile; seemed apropos on
my birthday week.

Finally, a little rain yesterday. While
 some areas got enough rain to flood, the
rain here was a mere surface wetting.

I discovered the leaf, above, dried in a book.
I don't know where the leaf came from or
why I stuck it in a book but when it showed
up in my life it felt like a gift from the past.
I had to photograph it. 

This morning the yard was full of 
gifts from yesterday's wind. 
The beautiful bunch of leaves, above, is from
the Calliandra vine. And below . . .
a mystery leaf.

The cluster of leaves, above, is from 
the Tipu tree that has
quadrupled in height this
year, much to the dismay
of the gardener who recently
told me he wishes he'd pruned
more off it last year.
The growth of this tree in
8.5 years is nothing short
of phenomenal, 

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Caterina Giglio said...

Stunning, spectacular and serene!! all in one!! xox