Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday - September my Birthday Month

This weeks nuggets. 
Seems that most of the Wonferfulicious posts
have been of birds and flowers, so why change now?

Finches at the nearly empty bird feeder.
More Photo therapy at work here; Vintage effect.

Blended layers. Oak limb and rust. (Perhaps I should 
have saved this one for Oct.)

Near the front door are 2 pots of cheerful.
Flamboyant-de-jardin aka
Mexican Bird of Paradise.
They bloom from spring
to Fall.

From the tiny Hibiscus plant that has never grown much and
normally only has one bloom a year. This year I was
gifted with two. 

Night blooming Cereus. At around midnight
for a few nights last month I photographed
the magical flowers that by dawn had withered. 

It seems only fitting that I end this post with 
another bird image. This black bird had
dibs on the fountain. Or, maybe he was
just cooling his feet on a brutally
hot day. . . .

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Agreed...why change now?! Your images are compelling...I'm drawn to the first vintage effect and as always loving the flowers.Always a pleasure to stop by!!