Saturday, August 29, 2015

Full Moon

The Powerful draw of the night-blooming Cereus
has overridden my fear of West Nile
carrying Mosquitoes, or or that matter any mosquito. Allergic.
After photographing the Cereus the
moon grabbed my attention.

The flowers this year chose to bloom at the same
time there is a full moon. 

Last August I took  photo of the full moon with my
new camera, so perhaps photographing 
the moon is  an Anniversary of sorts.

I've been known to curse the full moon rather than
 enjoy its 

I love the way the moon peaks through the trees.

Like many others I'm sensitive to how the full
moon's gravitational pull does more than effect
the oceans. I used to think like many
that its pure lunacy that the moon has any
effect on us.

But after years of moderate insomnia becoming 
a major issue for at least 6 days around the full moon,
I'm a believer that the moon might be the culprit for
fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and emotional highs and lows. 

Resistance is Useless!
Through acceptance of the situation
there is peace.

The long sleepless nights are
spent reading, watching movies, or
editing photos. This week I overcame my
fear of Mosquitoes long enough to
photograph both the Cereus
and the full moon.


Julie said...

Braving your fear of mosquitoes was worth it, the Cereus image is beautiful. I believe that the phases of the moon influence us and I know that they affect my body physically ( I don't think me doctor believes me though lol). Farmers and growers have followed the phases of the moon for planting for centuries and I am sure it's effects are real. It affects the tides so why not us?

hw (hallie) farber said...


Caterina Giglio said...

oh YEAH!! stunning work! You are just doing great work! love them all! xox