Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

First, photos of backyard birds
blended with textured layers
of rust fabric and for the
one below, a tree.

And then  . . .  finally, some studio play!
Sun prints on cotton/poly sheets. I had
read that cotton/poly sheets wouldn't work well.

Leaves from my yard. 
And of course, something from

More Studio play.
Rust dyeing. Above, a wrapped can.
Below, wrapped around a piece
of metal.

In need of ironing, below, 
wadded fabric on metal 
with coffee. Used a cotton/poly
sheet again. I'd say using an old
sheet works well . . . 

Happy Wonderfulicious (nuggets of joy) day to you!


Penny said...

Wonderful, not sure I can spell wonderwhatever! I love it when you are having fun with your photography.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These photos are true nuggets of joy! Nice to know about cotton/poly...I was told the same rule! Your rust pieces are beautiful and that combo of metal and coffee is terrific. Great Wednesday for great beginnings!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Hi, I found you through Blue Sky Dreaming, and I think your work is lovely.