Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Not clear about why I didn't post last week . . . well, maybe I am
but who needs to hear about more health issues?
Anyway, the Red Super Moon/eclipse was amazing!

Most likely I'll be too old to care the next time there is an eclipse.
Though, I plan on photographing right up to the end!

The camera caught things I couldn't see! 
Love that about cameras!

West Nile alerts here in the CA desert aren't something
I ignore! Especially being that I'm allergic to plain mosquito
bites, but ones carrying West Nile . ..  I sprayed the yard, twice, 
and myself, said a prayer of protection and stood out in the
backyard with the camera and enjoyed the event! 

The moon and landscape lights made for an 
interesting image of the yard. 

More Macro images. 
A seed pod that had dropped
off of a dried stalk decided to

Love it that I continue to find so
many things in the yard
to photograph.

Every year a clump of ornamental grasses
pops up through the dry hot earth 
an suddenly the tiniest of delicate
white flowers appear!

The flowers are as magical fairy-like 
as the effect of floating stamens are!

Stem of a Sea Urchin.

More gifts from the garden.
My love of Sea Urchin Cactus
is never-ending. One bloomed
in the garden on the same day that
the gardeners were
scheduled to do their maintenance.

This particular bloom of the  Echinopsis family only
lasts a few hours. I usually leave the bloom on the
plant to allow it to go through its natural
cycle. This time I saved it from the miserable leaf 
blower and heat and brought it inside. 
And then of course had to play with the
macro lens.

Sea Urchin end of cycle.


queenopearls said...

WONDERFUL elaboration of delightful photos! I adore the macro photos and, of course, the ones of the moon are amazing! Thank you!!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The moon never looked so good and I'm glad you got these shots bite free.
I expect I'll be art making until my last much to see and do!