Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Wonderfulicious Wednesday

Wednesday is nearly over . . . 

Washingtonian Fan Palms are plentiful here in Coachella Valley.
This is the time of year that they're heavily pruned back; I love the way the
light hits the plumes.

Garden Vignette - Desert Landscape.

Photograph taken from the front yard and transformed using
a myriad of apps.

Back in the day . . . I worked in B/W only and spent hours in
a darkroom. I even played with Pinhole Cameras, but these days 
I'm enthralled with apps that make easy and superb Pinhole Camera images!

Because  the Sea Urchin Cactus have bloomed longer this year 
I've been able to try a variety of camera settings in Hipstamatic. 
I'm beginning to love B/W photography again.

Three still-life images based on the Susan Tuttle 
course I'm taking. 

And finally, Plumeria in the garden.

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Penny said...

Lovely photos, glad to see you are playing.