Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Wonderfulicious Wednesday and June!

More Photo Explorations.

 Windswept Photo-transformation created from 4 images and
apps. The barn is another of my Dad's birdhouses superimposed into a scene
photographed from a car back in the 90's; I was the passenger. 
The tree was extracted from a background. The birds-on-the-wire are an
app. iColorama painterly effect.


I  have a few metal sculptures created by a former husband. Talented.
I tried to superimpose the Victorian house into a landscape  . ..  nope, didn't work.
Brainstormed and at 2am an idea struck. 
The background texture was created by layering a lot of
textures in iColorama and Stackables then superimposed with the Victorian house. 
Deco Sketch for the lines, Reflect for the reflection and some fog added. 
The birds are from my collection of photos.

Cerseus blooms! If I don't get up early enough I miss the night bloomers!
The one above was in the process of closing up after spending the night in
full bloom. 

A record 14 blooms over 5 days!
Painterly effect for these 2.

Missed the full blooms, but
these greeted me early one morning.
Painterly effect.

Found Twig.
Tree series.

Another version of the delicate flower atop of a
prickly Barrel Cactus.


Caterina Giglio said...

Amazing, just love all your photos, whether you transform them or not, just wonderful work as always my friend! Hope you are keeping cool, I am about to jump in the pool! : D

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great results here. The blossoms are beautiful and you have captured them in their glory! The Houses are stunning...your mood setting is captivating...!!!!

Penny said...

Love your photos, am always amazed at how you can manipulate them.