Thursday, September 12, 2013

August Abstract

 Yep, I know it's September, but I never got around to posting the two paintings I did last month. Life is often full of distractions of the unwanted variety. Mom is probably in the last throes of Alzheimer's and it's becoming more evident that it's time to look for a nursing home or? I'm not able to give her the care she now needs and it's breaking my heart. 

Anyway, the above acrylic painting is 11x14 on canvas board.

Woke up to a cloudless sky today, but no complaints as the humidity that had settled in for a lengthy visit has moved on. Over the last few weeks there were some interesting tropical storms that provided great fodder as conversation starters, albeit, boring at times but nevertheless current. This photo was a little manipulated in order to get some green shrubbery into it. Otherwise I think the photo would have been bland.


Julie said...

Gail, you know that I know how hard this terrible decision is. Finding good care for your Mom is the best and most loving thing you can do for her and yourself. Knowing and accepting that it is time is almost the hardest part but you will still feel bad that you have to do it. It would break your heart more if you couldn't keep your mom safe. That is how I deal with it. My heart breaks every day too but I know that this awful disease means we cannot care for our loved ones alone. I hope you are able to find a safe and caring environment for your mom. My own mum is happy in her care home and I am lucky in that she likes the carers. I hope you find the same for your mom. xx

I'm glad the air temperatures are more comfortable. We are moving into autumn here after a very hot (for me) summer. I'm not looking forward to the dark nights but it will be good not to be so hot. Not that we can compete with your temperatures ;-)

ART*ticulation said...

I love the paintings but the top one is my favorite!
I know how it is to search for the right place for our loved ones. Just ck them out well. I can understand not being able to handle her any longer. This is what happened with Tim's dad. But it is the best for them.
If you need to talk please call.