Saturday, September 12, 2009


If you're a fan of Georgia's work, or if you aren't familiar with her work you might want to tune in to see this:

I saw an exhibit of her work back in the 80's and didn't expect to be so blown away. Her paintings
seemed so enormous to me in the books that I have of her work, but in reality many of them are small. It's the impact of them that leaves the impression of being larger than life. I used to read Portrait of an Artist every year, must be time to read it again.

Quote: One day, playing with a camera, I tried to photograph the road and to get it all in I had to turn the camera at a very odd angle. My drawing--or painting--call it what you will--comes from the photograph. Winter Road, Georgia O'keeffe, 1963 (thinking outside of the box was her forte!)


nancy neva gagliano said...

thanks ... i appreciate the reminder....and passed it on to many....neva

Julie said...

I like Georgia O'Keefe's work too. I have tried to put paint down in the way that she did and it is not easy to get the smooth blends that she achieved.