Saturday, September 12, 2009

#50 of 52 projects

Two more to go! I haven't decided yet, but I'm considering working on monthly projects rather than another 52. This week nearly did me and during the moments of intense insanity it occurred to me that I need to even lighten the creative side of my life. The pressure, though manufactured, to finish this project has added some stress to an already overwhelming stressful month. Too many appointments where the outcome has defeated me and not only am I slightly depressed but in dire physical pain. I need time to repair the mental and physical damage and that won't come for awhile. More appointments are looming on the horizon. But today I can say that I finished the week standing; that was a feat in itself! DMV, Social Security and, a diagnosis from a doctor can be put behind me now; there isn't anything I can do about any of the F** things, so the best thing is move on. They are what they are.

Fall is in the air! Even though it's about 108 today the lighting is softer and the garden is glowing under the softness; no hard edges. The random clouds that were in the sky earlier never did gather in formation and are presently gently hanging out near the mountain tops. The view through the bay window is restful.

Components: Hand dyed fabric background. This particular piece was dye painted by using a spatula to apply alginate paste/dye to muslin. A photo of pears in a cardboard box was manipulated with PSE. The single pear shape on the right was painted on using a stencil for the shape. Machine stitching and the 5x7 inch piece came to fruition.

Quote: By forgiving and choosing to move on, one takes the power back to morph it into positive energy. Eugenia Tripputi


Penny said...

Love the pears, I always think they have such a atisfying shape.
Hope your health isues arenot too worrying as a carer for two it is not easy.
think you will find monthly easier, have you thought of an idea for each month so you keep ontrack?
I found monthly much easier to do when I did the stitching instead of weekly, but also easier to let it go as would think have month to get this done in!
Works both ways.

Val Foster said...

Love the pears and love the piece. You have inspired me, and given me a new appreciation of pears. Hmmm, I think I might even have a pear stamp.

Kudos to you for marching on and finishing your 52 piece goal!!! That is so great, a major accomplishment, and something you should be proud of. I am so proud of you! Although perhaps "pearing" it down (pun intended) to monthly instead of weekly might be a good thing to do now.

I love your strength and determination and persistence Gail. In your art and in your life. You are truly an inspiration to so many of us, whether you realize that or not. I admire you so much. You have so many challenges and yet you keep marching on, keep staying strong and keep accomplishing the important things. Important in life and important to you and others. You stand very tall in my book, sister and friend.

God bless you Gail. You are a very special person -- someone I'm so glad to know!!!

Seth said...

A big congratulations on hitting the big 5 0!

Julie said...

Gail, Val has said it all and very eloquently. Do take some time for yourself if you can find just a little. Easing back on the 52 challenge sounds a good idea. I hope you can get some pain relief.