Saturday, September 05, 2009

#47 of 52 project

On of the ideas for the 52 projects was to use scraps from some of the pieces and create a new one, thus this one was born.

Components: Black painted Peltex background, numerous scraps, and 3 squares of copper with a rich patina on them. Machine stitched in place.
I'm starting to see the end in sight for this project which brings up the question, do I do another year of 52 projects? I have a couple of ideas brewing, one of which is to work on muslin pieces no larger than 8.5 x 11.5 inches. Books maybe? To that end I started messing around with muslin, paints, and a variety of textures. First copper fabric paint was brushed over the entire surface and while it was still damp black black mixed with water was misted on from a spray bottle. Before the black dried a texture tool was scraped through various areas. Bubble wrap was then painted with Red Iron Oxide and randomly stamped on the piece. The depth of the textures aren't evident in this photo.

Quote: It is difficult to commit to living where we are, how we are. It is difficult and necessary. In order to make art, we must first make an artful life, a life rich enough and diverse enough to give us fuel. Julia Cameron from "The Sound of Paper."


queenopearls said...

Most excellent. Love the composition and colors. The copper is perfect. How did you finish the edges? Very cool!
You know I love the red too.

Julie said...

I really like the top piece made from scraps, it's a great composition and the texture in the red piece works well too.