Monday, September 28, 2009

Digital photo class.

Well that nine weeks flew by! Only more more lesson and we're finished. This weeks online digital class lesson was definitely timely. A dragonfly kept buzzing me while I was watering the potted plants last evening. After it landed over and over again on a metal tower in the garden I got the idea. It seems that it was posing me! I zoomed in but couldn't focus as well at I would have liked so I clicked on the macro mode and was thrilled that this particular dragonfly had coaxed me to photograph it.

Tip: if you can't focus the zoom lens on the focal point, the dragonfly, try adding macro to it. Macro added to zoom, who knew?

Look at the face on it. Almost cute. I bought the tower it is sitting for a huge discount at a home decor shop, the ornament had fallen off. Last spring sweet peas twined themselves around it; presently it's just decorative and is the perfect landing place for hummingbirds and insects.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shot of this little creature! How neat that he made sure you got the shot : )). Thanks for the macro plus zoom tip... I'll use that. Wonderful photo!

ART*ticulation said...

Gail this is an amazing shot, sounds like you and "C" are have a great time and learning a ton from this class.

I'm taking a Photoshop class, it's both fun and challenging.