Saturday, September 26, 2009

Las Vegas Continued

At night the Las Vegas strip is at its best; in mid-day sunlight it's raw, crowded, and this time of year hot. This shot was taken from the pedestrian bridge between the MGM and New York. The tower in the middle is nearing its lower level completion with an opening date of December and is causing traffic jams both on foot and vehicle. It's next to the Bellagio and we were told by a taxi driver that 600 shops have been slotted for the ground level with offices and condos on the upper levels. I was able to get some photos of reflections in the windows while walking past that building.

If you're wondering what my reaction to the Cher show was all I can say is that I wasn't disappointed. From the minute she dropped onto the stage via a swinging platform in a beaded highly designed gown with a headdress that threatened to topple her over to her last song we were mesmerized. A costume change for every song, I thought, might become tedious, but in between each song the acts by amazing performers or clips of the Sonny and Cher show or movies she'd been in provided a 45 year history of her diva life. The couple sitting next to us turned to us after the show and said, "So, same time, same place next year?" We nodded our heads. Hopefully, we'll be able to see the show again before her engagement at Caesar's ends in 2011.

The night before the Cher show we wandered around Caesar's scouting out the theater. The shops were closed, after all it was after midnight,  which provided a perfect opportunity to photograph some of the sculptures.

The change/coins at the feet of the angel on the right had been tossed in by visitors, obviously, some of them missed the fountain.
Quote: I'm not the best at anyhing that I do. I'm not the best singer, I'm not the best performer, I'm not the best actor. All I know is that there is something about me that people like. Cher, 1991 (touche!!)


Anonymous said...

Great quote by Cher (LOVE HER!) and great photos of Vegas. The photo of the angel feet is so vintage- what a unique perspective you gave these shots!

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Looks like you had an awesome time after all that's why it's called a vaca, even though it was a mini vaca. Great shots Gail, I want that angel pic it is very amazing!