Friday, September 18, 2009

#52 - Fini!

The Big-O has arrived and with it the last of the 52 projects. I wanted fire-works or streamers but settled for Shiva Paintstiks rubbed over a texture plate to provide the design. The O is silver and gold paints that were stenciled on and then hand-stitched around with silver embroidery floss.

When I started the 52 projects I had every intention of experimenting with different techniques and while some of them may not appear to have been experiments they all were in the sense that I discovered that working with two sizes, 4x6 and 5x7 inches, is restrictive. Working with those sizes became challenging especially after I had just started working larger. I had planned to do a lot more machine felting than I did so I hope that future projects include machine felting. I had also had hoped to explore machine stippling, but that hasn't happened yet. To that end a friend just gave me a link (do a google search) so I'm now armed with some great tutorials. I did explore hand-dyed fabrics, deconstructed printing, machine applique, painted fabric, glue resists, inkjet printed photos, and some other techniques that presently escape my memory bank. A couple of things that I learned while working on the 52 is that it I do indeed love to work on a series such as horses, pears, white-on-white, photographs, and layers of texture. But then I already knew that so I suppose that I should say that working on a series has become paramount to me. I also learned that I need to find more ways to finish a piece than edge stitching which I still loathe doing! Once in a blue moon I nearly do it perfectly but the majority of the time I want to toss the finished piece because the edges are wonky. And even if I got off track over the months I worked on this project it was the challenge of finishing that often brought me back from the brink of insanity. With that in mind I know that I need art challenges to keep me interested in learning new techniques and to keep me from falling off the precarious cliff I often stand on the edge of.

I've loved reading the comments some of you have left here or emailed me privately; your encouragement kept me going. I think that everyone should partake in a challenge like this at least once in order to achieve a personal goal. Actually, my personal goal is secret and will remain so, but I did achieve it.

To see all of the 52 projects go here:

I'm off to Las Vegas to celebrate this Big-O birthday with Cher and maybe see another Cirque du Soleil performance. In April of 2008 the Cirque performance of "O" at the Bellagio was the impetus of my abstract work in acrylics. What will this trip to Vegas initiate?

Quotes: Life is a celebration of awakenings, of new beginnings, and wonderful surprises that enlighten the soul. Cielo


Penny said...

Happy Birthday and have a lovely time and come home full of enthusiasm.
Love this final one, I must get on and do more, especially with the shiva sticks.
Only a bit more than a week and we are off.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Gail! xx Have an amazing time in Vegas.

Congratulations on completing all 52 of your projects, it has been a great journey and I do admire you for completing it.

I love your quote for today, it's wonderfully uplifting. xx

Anonymous said...

This piece looks Native American to me. Fantastic! I've viewed all of your projects and it's simply an impressive collection of art. I'm in awe.

nancy neva gagliano said...

hi!! i just visited the 52 pieces you've done.....amazing work you've done. with life moving right along...such personal expressions of yours. thanks for sharing, neva

Val Foster said...

This last, 52nd piece, is outstanding and I love it. Good for you that you used your texture sheet. Was it one you bought on I have yet to use mine....nothing new there. This inspires me to pull it out and try it with the Shiva Paintstiks. I have some of those too and haven't used them.

The background on this is so cool, and the "O" totally stands out. It's the perfect piece to finish with. Congratulations!!! A very fine accomplishment.