Friday, January 23, 2009

Southwest Arts Festival

The sky as we were leaving the arts festival at the Polo Grounds in Indio was amazing! Palm trees, to me at least, look their best as silhouettes.

I'm the proud owner of a Giclee print of the Wild Horses. It's a monotype print that was enhanced with oil pastels. The artist, Carolyn Counnas at: is to the left of her work. And, yes, we did buy some of the incredible Almond Toffee in the background just behind Carolyn.

The quality of the print is much better in person. I have a "thing" for horses, though, I've never had a yen to own one, but I'm deeply moved by them and this one shouted at me from across the aisle and the price was right! I can only imagine what the original, twice as large as the one in her booth, looks like; must be incredible.
What a day for an arts festival, not too hot, no wind, and the expected rain didn't happen. I feel energized and inspired. I always thought that Julia Cameron was right when she said that Artist's Dates are important. Seeing work up close and talking to the artists is definitely an excellent way to spend a day. (we had a new caregiver for mom and Stacy, which makes the hours spent away from home stress-free.)

Quote: A time of change has created a time for action. Get ready. Sally Huss (printed in the local paper the day after the inauguration.)

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Penny said...

Love the print, it is lovely and I know you will enjoy it.
think the palms and the sky look fantastic.
getting hot here, I am finding it hard to get things done.