Friday, January 16, 2009

#16-17 of 52 projects and more

I couldn't find my blog, odd, so I googled it and discovered this: who knew that I was mentioned much less discovered by someone who thought my blog worthy or not of a mention. I'm touched - I think?
Speaking of discovering things, Elmer's washable clear glue is my new love!!! The above piece started out as a dreary gesso/quink ink one posted a few days ago.

#16 Components: badly composed gesso painted canvas fabric with Quink Ink over wash. Elmer’s washable clear glue was used as a resist allowed to nearly dry. (The grey and brown lines) Turquoise, red, and ochre fabric paint was layered on and allowed to dry. The piece was then soaked in cold water to soften the glue resist and with a little scrubbing most of it came off. If I had scrubbed of what looks like brown ink I don’t think the piece would have worked as well. Quink Ink, black, has a mind of its own meaning you never know what color it might become when applied over gesso.

Learned: After a few attempts of applying Quink Ink, aka calligraphy ink, I don’t think I’m going to be successful with this technique. From experience I’ve concluded that often the originator of a technique owns it and those of us trying to follow directions won’t even come close! It could be due to a lot of variables such as fabric, types of paint, water mixed with the ink, the way one holds ones mouth or even the moon! The fact that I was able to end up with a couple of interesting pieces after playing with gesso and ink (for what became the first layer) sort of makes me wonder if I’ve created a way of working with layers that only I can do.

#17 Components: another badly composed gesso painted canvas fabric. Elmer’s washable clear glue was once again used as a resist. I used violet and ochre fabric paint on this one. Only enough of the glue resist was removed with cold water to allow the black/brown lines to show; if I’d removed all of the resist the lines would have all gone grey. I’m doubtful that I can repeat this effect again.
A postcard piece that should have been in the mail! Components: Elmer's washable clear glue, Golden Fluid paint in yellow, purple(that turned brownish when it was painted over the still wet yellow, nice!), and turquoise. A red heart shaped button was painted purple and highlighted with Gold Treasure. I decided to not wash out the glue; it added some texture so I merely touched it up with white crayon.
Learned: buy lots of cheap buttons and paint them!!

Quote:All glory comes from daring to begin. Eugene F. Ware

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