Sunday, January 11, 2009


Gesso on fabric has some possibilities, though, right now all I see is how awful these two experiments are. Reminder to self: the first time trying something isn't always a success.

In Maggie Grey's new book, "Textile Translations," you'll find the instructions on how she uses gesso on vilene/pellon with a variety of paints and ink. I used a thick canvas fabric, medium thickness gesso, and Quink ink. (I found the Quink ink at Staples in their art supply section.) The ink was sprayed on before the gesso dried and while not evident in this scan, the ink turned mostly blue.

What did I learn? More texture is needed, maybe a heavier gesso. Hearts need to be larger or worked into the design. Try using 3:1 ratio of Quink ink, not the other way around. Try Pellon instead of canvas fabric. Idea: maybe these pieces can be incorporated into a larger piece?

And so it goes . . .
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Julie said...

I've been having a go at the altered book today and found I needed to thicken the gesso. I used Polyfilla, the stuff you use to fill holes in walls. I just stirred it into the gesso and it went wonderfully thick. I read about this on the catalogue killers yahoo group I think. I'll be posting some photos on my blog in a day or two.

I like all your lessons learned at the end. They're all good ideas.

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

Actually from this side, they look good! But I agree with you ... if something doesn't work, hang on to it. I will probably get a new life somewhere along the way. Nice work.