Saturday, January 10, 2009

Puft Heart #2 and #12 of 52 projects

Often a piece of fabric screams at me to buy it even though I have no idea what I might do with it. Dragons and flames aren't my thing, but the richness of the colors definitely screamed at me. I cut out a heart shape and behold, instant design! Components for Puft Heart #2: Dimensional paint outlines, novelty yarn and a blue gem.

I'm about 6 weeks behind with the 52 projects; good thing it's at the beginning of the project, I just might be able to catch up. #12 may not appear to have much going on, but it took an entire day to create. Components: Blue shear polyester was first needle-punched onto black felt providing great texture for blue painted hearts in 3 colors of acrylic paint. Then the piece was blasted with a heat gun in the hopes the felt and polyester would melt, it did. Red felt backing, lots of red machine stitching and a twisted copper wire heart with a bead finished this 4x6 inch piece. (click photos to enlarge)

Quote: When joy plays hide-and-seek, keep looking. Another fab from Sally Huss

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