Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lucky #13 of 52 projects

This one started out as a scrap piece of mono-printed cotton fabric that was done last spring. Being a hoarder of everything does have its advantages. I have a nice collection of old keys that I've been fortunate enough to get from ebay. Why do keys and hearts go together? The key to my heart? After searching for way too long through containers I only found 3 heart rubber stamps, one of them of them being the postage one I used on this 4.6 inch postcard. I could have sworn that I had more hearts.

The heart series, at least for the time being, helps me concentrate on experimenting rather than trying to come up with a motif or design element. I've wanted to explore more ways to use gesso and play more with the embellisher and sewing machine so until at least February the heart series will continue.

I've been collecting a few links for inspiration and I think you can see them here: hearts galore. (Note: If you're a member of my yahoo group you'll find them in the links section.) Leave me a comment if you know about other sites and I'll add them.

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Val Foster said...

Hi again. I'm so happy to see you making art again! I like all three of these, but this one is my favorite. It has a rustic feel to it. Of course, I especially love the key. We do love our old keys, don't we?

I like the blue one a lot too, love the colors and texture, and the way you made the heart.

I like using hearts in my art too. And I too somehow connect hearts and keys. Your heart series is wonderful, keep it up.