Friday, January 09, 2009

Day Trip and Heart Theme

A virus struck! While I had a "light" version of the monster that is making the rounds it certainly wasn't the plan I had for starting 2009 .The plan also didn't include the window that exploded in the front bathroom or battling with Social Security. She, being me, is searching for signs of peace, the chosen word for 2009. Creating hearts, a soothing shape to work with, is providing a fun challenge with a bit of diversion. Who doesn't need diversion from problem-solving the endless tedious daily things that require patience and time? I know that when I get hysterical about making phone calls or collecting information for Social Security that the peace I seek has escaped me once again. Reminder to self: problems that seem monumental today will only be a minor irritation tomorrow. Breathe!

The puft heart (a made-up name) began its life as a piece of needle punched fabric that was used for one of the 52 projects. A little free-form stitching, paint dyed cheesecloth, a metal embellishment from a thrift store, polyester stuffing and voila! Puft Heart.

A day-trip to the Palm Springs Museum two days ago was well worth the drive across the desert. Horses! While I don't have the urge to own one they move me beyond words. I've seen photos of driftwood horses but to see one in person - WOW! Sadly, it was difficult to take a really good photo of this beauty. I've often complained about the placement of art when it comes to photographing a piece; too much background clutter doesn't make for a pleasing shot, but then the viewer isn't supposed to photograph artwork other than to make a personal record of it . . .

Quote: From Sally Huss, who else? The best year is the one we are creating.


Val Foster said...

I love your heart Gail. It looks so warm and inviting. The embellishment is cool too. I'm wondering, what kind of paint did you use on the cheese cloth?

I hope you're over the virus and feeling better. Peace to you.

Carol said...

Your heart is beautiful. I love the colours and texture. I hope you are feeling better.

Julie said...

Your heart is beautiful and I love the metal heart too. The driftwood horse is amazing. I have seen some at the Eden Project in Cornwall. It is wonderful to see, not only the structure, but the wonderful textures and colours in the wood.

I hope you soon shake off the horrible virus and that the stress of Social Security is soon over. They send me into a flat spin too!

Penny said...

Hope it is not a long lived virus.
I have seen photos of the driftwood horses but this one is amazing and beautiful.
I like your idea of hearts, I love playing with them too.
Hope my life starts to slow but I doubt it so much to do and not that much more time to do it!!