Saturday, January 17, 2009

In the studio- glue resist

What does one do when something interesting happens on freezer paper? Make a mono-print. Thanks to Elis Cooke for the idea. While rummaging through a box of woodies looking for a heart shape that I never found, I placed a small frame on the work bench and viola! Instant painting. I had no idea how to preserve the tiny 3x4 inch print until I read the Jan 5th entry. Along time ago I did do something like this, by accident, but had forgotten how marvelous gel medium is.

Did I mention that I'm in love with Elmer's washable clear glue? The purple one probably needs more work, but until I figure out what I've left it alone. The one below is an attempt to recreate the gesso, quink ink, clear glue technique from yesterdays post. This time I painted some gesso onto canvas fabric and didn't texture it, sprayed on some Quink ink and allowed it to dry. The writing was done with clear glue and once dry color washes of fabric paint were applied. I lightly removed the glue leaving some of the brownish texture glue to give the piece more texture.

Quote: Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be. ~
Marsha Petrie

Note: The images maybe out of order. The framed piece is the freezer paper print lift, the purple one is the first glue print and the purple, yellow, and green is the last one mentioned. So, if there aren't 3 pieces displayed click on the subject line . . .


Penny said...

These look great, I dont think we have wahable glue here but I must investigate.

Val Foster said...

I really like these Gail. They have great texture and are abstract. I love the purple, but the colors on the others are great too. Did you just use the clear glue on the purple one?

How neat that you tried Elis' technic on monoprinting. I just love her work. I may have to try that, but I'd really have to dilute my paints bc I don't have any fluid acrylic paints.

You did a great job here.