Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is a close-up of a section of the piece I posted yesterday. To answer a question: The texture isn't as evident as it is is some of the pieces, but there is a lot of textured gesso followed by layers and layers of acrylic paint. There were a couple of areas that weren't working so I diluted gesso and painted stripes that were allowed to drip. All of the lines, textures and paint, are vertical which provides a dripping effect. The piece is sealed with Future wax that catches the light when photographed and glares where it shouldn't; I couldn't scan this 7x16 inch piece.

I love diptychs and multiples and have a couple of them in the works. A foam spiral stamp was randomly pressed into gesso creating the design. The performers in Cirque Du Soleil seem to swirl . . .

Quote: When the entire process becomes a prescribed ritual that does not allow for spontaneous variations and reactions, the vitality of the medium and our relation to it suffers.
Jerry Uselsmann, photographer

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Carol said...

Oh these are lush! love the textres i want feely screen! By the way my lovelt pouch and bookmark arrived today, thanks so much. Love how they feel.