Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Vegas

It's in the high 90's today here today so I imagine that it's about the same on the other side of the mountains in Vegas. Good thing we went last weekend; I don't imagine that it's a lot of fun seeing the sights when it's hot.

I love reflections in windows and when the crowd following the Beckham's finally left I was able to take the one on the left. The bird shape was in a jewelry store window; the glass pane surrounding the bird is black. I didn't see the reflection until my camera flashed. Nope, didn't actually see the Beckham's myself, but would have liked to see what Victoria looks like in person. We did see 5 women enter the theater just before "O" started and couldn't figure out why cameras were clicking away. A woman sitting next to me immediately phoned a friend, "You won't believe how many women were with Hugh Hefner tonight!" Ah, so that was the short man with them!

The grinning fool in the middle photo was taken in the butterfly garden at the Bellagio. I think that the carved tree trunk receives more attention than the live butterflies do, sadly! The butterflies are amazing! The third photo is a bit odd; I couldn't get a decent photo of the glass flowers or the butterfly, but the combo is sort of interesting.

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