Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rusted bag

For some reason the fabric for this bag wouldn't rust the first or second time I dyed it! It's a fabric of indeterminate blend that I got in the $1 a yard bin at the fabric store. The weave almost looks like linen but its not; I liked it because it was off-white which I think is often better for rust dyeing than pure white is. If all else fails allow the fabric to rust for over a week.

I've run into a block regarding the Cirque Du Soleil series! Or, maybe it's time, already, to move on to something else. I wondered if I could maintain enough momentum to do a series.

Quote: I started out as a realist painter. I would paint that rock. Now, I paint the essence of rocks--what I feel when I see them. Pat Dewes.

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