Sunday, May 04, 2008


Colors sometimes shift when photographed or scanned. This piece is just such an example; in life there is more of a rusted effect in some of the areas than this scan was able to capture.

The first bottle of gesso is now history! I was able to prim and texture more substrates than I expected which pleases me. Cracking open a new bottle today ended up being the highlight of the day! I ended up with more "mud" than anything inspiring or usable. A layer of gesso, hopefully, will allow me to start over.

Quote: Spend time every day listening to your muse is trying to tell you.
Saint Bartholomew


MargaretR said...

I love your work with Gesso!
And that monprint is beautiful.

Penny said...

Gail you have been so busy, I love what you are doing, and laughed at your red one done in a rage, it does help to calm one.