Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Toy

Not a very good picture, but the felting adapter I purchased from is pretty amazing. I had the metal plate cut to size by feltcrafts and that holds the foam into place. So, I decided to take the adapter for a test run today; the workshop I signed up for starts on June 4th.

I've decided that painted lutradur felted onto white felt might not have been a good choice, but I couldn't find any black. The colors, burgundy and lime green, were more vivid until they were toned down by the white felt coming through the lutradur, hard to explain! Felting happens when two pieces of fabric are meshed together by the punching with needles. Sometimes the back of a piece can be as interesting as the front because fibers are pulled through, not so with this one. Being that this was an experiment to try out the adapter I didn't have a plan in mind when I felted on yarns, a painted dryer sheet and finally black chiffon, so I'm surprised that the result is interesting. I love that the heat distressed chiffon allowed some of the background to show through. I have no idea why I added the white chiffon strip on the left, but this might become a journal cover.

I scanned my progress from beginning to end and the huge PDF is here:

Quote: Those who work only when the muse strikes them make little progress.
William Dunning


Doreen K. said...

Good job of expermenting. I have a Janome. I have had a lot of fun playing. I am in the same class on June 4th. Should be a great class.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

This is really kewl Gail I may have to get one of theses doodads.
Thanks for keeping us updated.

Val Foster said...

Very neat results, Gail. Today is June 4th, so how did your class go? I'm certainly following your progress on this felting idea. Thanks for sharing.