Friday, May 02, 2008


High-flying-act, or act-of-despair? The idea for this piece came from a place of wanting to leave the scene on the home-front and not deal with mom's disappearance into Alzheimer's and waiting for news about Stacy's bladder function test. The urologist is insistent that we do a follow-up in his office. May 12Th won't arrive soon enough!

The figure in this piece is attempting to stay out of the flames of despair, the ochre and reds, but is getting a little bit too close for comfort. Working out emotions through my work is something new and I'm not sure that I like going this deep. I prefer to simply react to where the piece is taking me and not give it much thought.

Quote: If you have the perseverance, courage and the confidence to unleash your trained skills without too much interference from the analytical or left side of the brain, the spontaneity that results can be exhilarating.
Ken Strong

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Sandy said...

I too tend to just react to a piece but have found relief in working through hard times. Look where it took you in this piece-very nice.