Friday, May 16, 2008


Now that the collaborative I've been involved in has been submitted I can show some of the work I rejected for the project. This piece was done using Nevr-dull Wadding Polish to remove color from a magazine page. I normally use glue for the resist to make patterns, shapes or lettering but this time I used Gel Tar. Copyright issues are always foremost in my mind when I use pages from magazines so I look for pages that mostly have one to three colors on them that will work well under the resist. This time I got lucky; black that turned to grey when removed by the Nevr-dull. A wash of metallic yellow helped to create an interesting background. This piece will go into the works-in-progress bin.

Finally Friday! This week was very intense with doctor appointments and finally getting the urology clearance Stacy needed in order to be placed on a kidney transplant list. (she's not officially on the list yet.) It must have seemed like the perfect week for mom and Stacy to have melt-downs which left me close to having one myself. Instead I spent a few hours in the garage studio this morning working on some monoprints and backgrounds before the heat forced me indoors. 100+ degrees already!

Quote: Just the right thought can change a moment. Such a moment can change a day.
Sally Huss (to the rescue again!!)


Val Foster said...

Hi Gail dear. Yes, it's good it's Friday and I'm glad you didn't have a meltdown. I admire your strength and fortitude, my friend.

I read a bit about Nevr Dull a while back in an art book, but never bought any. Although I know where to buy some if I decide to.

This piece is cool and quite different. You're such a great "experimentalist", which is right up my alley. Whenever I need inspiration to experiment, I visit your blog.

Ahhhh yes, doesn't it feel great to have our collaborative submitted? Now, it's just a waiting game. I'm getting impatient already. Shame on me.

bluesky said...

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