Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Musings

Last week was full of interesting episodes including filling up the tank with phantom gas! The pump said that the tank was full, but the gauge in the car, yes, it works, said otherwise. Why is it that the person you need to talk to is never available or, that you can't reach anyone by phone? Perhaps message loops were invented to make you feel that something can be done when in reality they wear you down until you give up and take whatever has been dished out. "We're sorry that you're experiencing a problem, please press #3 to hear the options."

One thing I know for certain is that I've got to start taking better care of my mental state or I'll end up in bed for days on end fighting an infection. Caregivers need diversion from care giving in order to stay healthy; I thought that my art work was that diversion. But, I think that it's better to take a mental break than an active one that might wear me down to the point of exhaustion.

While working on the never-ending travel journal I ran across a photo of a paper artist whose generosity blew me away. (click on photo to enlarge. Front and back journal covers, bundle of paper and the artist who looked away when I took this photo.) Amalfi was once known for it's paper industry and when I saw a pulp mixer in the back of the shop I nearly swooned! Real paper making, not the blender type that I do. I wanted to run my fingers through the wet pulp in the vat. I must have looked like a crazed person wandering around the shop fingering journals, notepaper, cards, and bundles of paper, but the artist must also have sensed a kindred spirit. When we made a purchase of 3 journals, 2 for gifts, she added a bundle of 5x7 inch paper to the bag, "for you." The paper is perfect, something I've never achieved, and I imagine that it will remain bundled for years. That memory stopped the crazed mental state I was in last week and opened the door for peace to enter. When did the peace that I was going to work on this year leave? (Note: we watched a few customers making purchases and she didn't add anything to their bags.)

Yes, art heals!!

Quote: One good idea deserves another. Keep thinking. Sally Husss

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Penny said...

I am going through a slump at the moment and yes I think we all need some down time to ourselves just to sit and do nothing, which I find impossible to do!
You have this lovely memory stick with it.
Do I make sense?