Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roma, part 2

Still June 9th. The exception to "never having expectations about something" was the Sistine Chapel. I was going to see Michelangelo's extraordinary universally known piece, The Creation of Adam. I pretty much wrote about this on the first post waay down below. In hindsight, we should have taken a tour, or at the very least gotten another audio tour, or carried the guidebook with us in order to know what in blazes we were looking at! Lots of room in the Vatican Museum leading up the grand finale of the Sistine Chapel. After St. Peters nothing quite measured up, though, the Sistine Chapel was amazing once we got over the shock of how tiny the famous painting is. The numerous museums were over-crowded and some of them took hallways or stairs to get to; just felt too disorganized.

Photos above: in route to the Sistine, which is a mile walk from St. Peters even though it's directly next door. The upper left is the close route to Sistine, but pedestrians aren't allowed.
Actually, the angel is out of place, we saw that later that day. The bottom two photos were taken out of an open window in one of the museums.

The bottom left and right photos were taken in the room just outside of the Sistine on our way out. The statues were photographed somewhere before the Sistine, and the window is a duplicate of one below; I used 2 copies for a page layout.

Some of these have already been posted. The angels, upper left, are in the room just beyond the Sistine Chapel and I'm pretty sure that the foot is too. Our feet, on the other hand were waaay before the Sistine as was the self-portrait and the Fleur de lis.

Overwhelmed and not knowing what to do we headed back to the tour bus pick-up spot and were informed when we boarded that this was the last run, so wherever we got off we'd have to find our way back home. Okay. We got off near the Spanish Steps of which we didn't find, but it's also "the shopping district" for those with oodles of money and who love to shop. We kept walking and photographing and hoped we were going in the direction of Piazza Navona, which I understand is in the movie "Angels and Demons." (continued, only because I forgot to add the next batch of photos!)

Photos: A diptych of a round building. A sign that intrigued me, Replay. And PSE'd photos of Piazza Navona.

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