Thursday, July 30, 2009

#36 and #37 of 52 projects

First off, thanks for the lovely comments! Much appreciated. Secondly, the Give-away deadline is July 31, leave a comment. And third, I finally worked on two pieces for the 52 projects. I haven't made fabric paper in quite awhile and for some reason whites, ivory, and cream
intrigued me.
Components: pellon, tissue paper, cheesecloth, glue, gesso, and machine stitched. How did I get the stained effect? From not using a clean piece of freezer paper. A mixture of white glue and water was used to adhere the tissue paper and cheesecloth to the pellon, thus lifting some color from the freezer paper and staining the pellon. Click image to enlarge, 5x7 inch pieces.

Quote: If you pray for rain, it is only common sense to carry an umbrella. Ernest Wilson.


queenopearls said...

Very cool and love the monochromatic color scheme. The cheesecloth has such movement.
Definitely two winners.
Are you going to list them on an Etsy site for sale?
Mega love and hugs,

Seth said...

This is so wonderful. Looks like it is naturally aged!