Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roma, second day continued

Part one is posted below.
Helicopters were circling overhead most of the morning and we were quietly informed that Khadafi was in Rome and security was tight. Okay, maybe not a good day to be a tourist. Supposedly, the first horticulture planned garden was established at the top of the Palatine; in the same spot a garden is maintained.
The statues, columns, and ruins were amazing, but the view from the top of the surrounding area, photos below, blew everyone away! About the Palatine is here:

We needed a taxi back to the hotel; the heat and fatigue overwhelmed us. We believe that we got the only taxi drive who didn't know how to find the Colosseum Hotel, uphill, about 1.5 miles away. He drove in circles and stopped at intersections to ask anyone passing by. Was it an act? We don't know, but he left us off uphill from the hotel that was that way. That way proved to not be the exact direction but we did finally get there. The hotel manager gave us detailed instructions and a map to the autostrada heading south to the Amalfi coast and more adventure.

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queenopearls said...

The photos are phenomenal and the stories behind finding the sites are poignant, thank you!
The taxi driver (and others) convince me to purchase a GPS with European maps and MSN maps before heading out and about anywhere in Europe.
I can relate to your comment about not hearing the tour guide because the history was overwhelming your senses. Reminds me of a line from Field of Dreams where Thomas Mann says something like "the memories are so thick you have to move them aside with your hand".
Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thank you!!