Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roma, part 2A

I hate it when posts are out of order. This one follows the one below so you might want to read that one first.

Photos: Lost-in-Rome. The two in the middle are, left, building detail across from the restaurant and the horse is on a fountain in Piazza Navona.

So, wandering around Lost-in-Roma, or Rome, is mind-boggling. Everywhere you look is something to savor, but, when ones feet hurt and the stomach is empty a chair is the only thing on the mind. The eyes of a restaurant hawker, my term for those who stand outside of establishments trying to draw you in, met mine, he nodded toward a table, I nodded in agreement and was heading for my chair when R. said, "How does this place look." "The lady has already had her mind set." Not only was Ziro Ciro the perfect outdoor restaurant to people watch and observe shop owners closing up for the day but the food still has us talking! Who knew that a plate of gnocchi and a plate of sausage could be so delicious that we nearly cried over the last bites? They do have the best tomato sauce in the world in Italy and the sausage is a house speciality and was served grilled with lemon slices. We now have our sausage with lemon juice, but nothing compares to the flavor of that sausage.

The waiter pointed in the direction of Piazza Navona, "two blocks that way, go right, and there you are." I'm absolutely certain that Italians are clueless when it comes to "there you are." About a mile plus we finally did enter the Piazza. Too bad that it was dark, but on the other hand, I think that it was more romantic. Portraitists were putting away their easels for the night; this was the first time we'd seen artists at work. There were numerous restaurants surrounding the square and the lighting on the fountains and buildings glowed. Of course we'd walked off the dinner so we allowed a "hawker" to sit us at a table near a fountain. Dessert of chocolate truffle ice cream was slowly eaten while we watched the night-life. This was a Piazza where people in neighboring apartments brought their kids to ride bikes and play. The sounds echoed through the Piazza.

Happily, there was a taxi stand just outside of the Piazza and twenty minutes after climbing in one we were back at Hotel Colosseum purring over the day.

Quote: Most of my treasured memories of travel are recollections of sitting." –- Robert Thomas Allen

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queenopearls said...

I love the photos! The reflection in the window photograph is wonderful.
I've never heard anyone describe the size of paintings so this is a treat. The history must make our minds imagine it larger.
The narrow street photo is awesome. Oh, I love them all. And the "hawkers", what a vision.
Thank you!!