Thursday, March 12, 2009

Week #25

I have no idea what this is! It started out as a tree shape but now it seems to have taken on the look of cacti. Organic?

Components; Painted lutradur, first with red iron oxide then once the plant shape was stenciled greens were used. Machine feather stitching inside of the plant shape, barely visible. Shapes were melted with a heat tool followed by gold highlights. The piece is backed with black felt and is 4x6 inches.

Lutradur is full of possibilities such as painting and distressing with heat.

Quotes: Here one is in later in life, and it's perfectly pleasant really, not for a moment that garden of cactus and sour grapes I'd always imagined it must be. James Ingram Merrill


Seth said...

Really complelling piece. Definitely highly organic.

Linda said...

Beautiful Gail, and yes, very organic, I love it!

Val Foster said...

Ditto, this is very organic. You're full of wonderful surprises with your art explorations. Thanks for opening our eyes to the possibilities. This is a great piece.