Friday, March 13, 2009

#26 of 52 projects

I wish that this painted wonder-under was the half-way point of the 52 projects! At least it's colorful and abstract enough to please me.
But it's this one that ended up being week #26. Components: embossed copper with 2 pieces of junk jewelry (the scallop/flower shape in the middle and the lower right wire shape) that was hand-stitched with copper thread onto a distressed needle punched piece. The blue and red sheer fabrics needle punched onto black felt created a nice background, but when I started to edge-stitch the piece I remembered how wonky felt gets. It buckles, stretches and refuses to behave itself; I wonder when I'll remember to use black fabric and not felt for small pieces, or, simply not edge stitch them??? This tiny piece started out as a 4x6 inch one and is now 3.5x5.5 inches with not enough space around the copper to allow it to breathe, except on the right side. The more I cut off the unruly edges the worse the piece looked. I tried to put it onto a larger background, ugh! Sometimes it's just best to let go and move on.
Good grief! Twenty-six weeks until the BIG-O birthday. I'm not only surprised to find that I'm on the threshold of another decade in the aging process but half-way through the 52 projects. As of today I'm caught up.
Quote: Wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been. Following the Equator.

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Julie said...

Well done for reaching the half way point. I love that bondaweb!