Thursday, March 05, 2009


My love of metal continues! Three copper hearts with instant patina and an embossed piece that also has a bit of patina on it. Two jewelry scraps were worked into the embossed piece and the embossed hearts were highlighted with red.

I've been collecting junk jewelry for years that I've mostly purchased from Thrift stores but sadly practically everything has suddenly gone missing. I hate to think that anyone would be so daring as to walk off with so much of the fun stuff, but after four complete searches that is the only conclusion. Sad. I will leave a note for the cleaning people in the hopes that nothing else goes missing. After days of bidding on ebay it looks like I'll end up with more items than I owned; I will take pictures and put the new collection away so as to not tempt anyone. Some pieces have been missing for months; I had hoped that I had simply misplaced the items, but the only piece I ever found from the entire purchase was a pin with my name on it. Some of the pieces I had hoped to make molds of and incorporate other fragments into my work. I was picky when I bought them, but one can't be choosy when buying lots on ebay. I might list pieces that I don't feel I can use. At least the few expensive pieces of jewelry are accounted for!

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Marilyn said...

Gail, these are just really pretty. Haven't tried any rusting yet, but these just might inspire me.

Val Foster said...

These are way cool Gail. I love the patinas. I can't wait to see how you use them in your art.

What a shame about the jewelry. I hope you got some cool stuff off ebay.

Julie said...

Beautiful patina on these pieces Gail.

Seth said...

I second these comments. The patina is really beautiful.